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Pilates Training FAQ

How are Momentum's Pilates trainings different from other trainings?

There are several aspects of our trainings that set us apart from other training programs. Virtually any competent training program teaches the exercises of Joseph Pilates and the philosophy behind the method. Our program focuses on training teachers not only how to perform the exercises but also how to teach the exercises. Our program's focus is on teaching the trainee to work with any body type at any fitness level. Working with all body types and a myriad of debilitating diseases and injuries is the biggest challenge newly trained teachers face. Effective teaching requires in depth exercise breakdown, and working creatively with modifications without losing the original intent of the exercise. If a teacher has this understanding, a teacher can progress a client safely through the original sequence of exercises created by Joseph Pilates.

We recognize the uniqueness of each individual trainee and his/her teaching style. We seek to nurture that uniqueness and see it flourish, thus allowing each trainee to bring the strengths of who they are as individuals to their work.

Finally, our program incorporates concepts from the Feldenkrais Method. Aline Alexander, Educational Director, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner. Moshe Feldenkrais' pedagogy is completely unique in the area of movement education. Drawing from his work our trainees are given unique tools for working with clients. These additional insights provide our trainees an approach when analyzing case studies that is not available in other training programs. During the training trainees are shown how to apply Moshe's principles for movement awareness and integration into their work profession. Aline is also an authorized Master Trainer in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM and in GYROKINESIS. Trainees are given the benefit of exposure and insight to this work as well.

What is the most important thing to look for when choosing a Pilates training program?

It is vitally important that you make sure whatever training program you choose meets the industry standard for training requirements. If you do not, you may find that your training is not recognized by some employers and organizations. The goal of the Pilates Method Alliance is to establish a universally accepted standard for Pilates education and instruction as well as national certification guidelines. By being recognized by the PMA as an Educational Center, our trainees are assured that their training will be recognized by others in the industry.

I am not sure if I meet the prerequisite requirements. What should I do?

Each three day intensive covers a great deal of material. In general, the more you know coming into a training the more of the material you will be able to absorb.

For anatomy, you need to have a basic working vocabulary so that you can follow along during the lecture portion and not be wondering what we are talking about. If you feel you need to "brush up" on this vocabulary, we can send study materials prior to the training.

Similarly, having a basic familiarity with Pilates exercises and terminology will allow you to pick up more quickly the new material being presented. We also realize that you may not have access to Pilates in your community. Many of our trainees are the first two open studios in their area. If you do not have access to Pilates in your community, we can recommend DVD and reading material to get you caught up.

How much anatomy is covered during the intensives?

The truth about anatomy is that it comes down to simple memorization. Instead of spending precious lecture time helping everyone memorize body parts, we recommend that this is done prior to the course and throughout the apprenticeship period. This allows the Master Trainer to spend more time teaching you the intricacies of each exercise, breakdowns and modifications, and how to work with different body types and contraindications. With that said, there will be in depth discussions involving applied anatomy, biomechanics, and faulty movement patterns as it applies to postural analysis and special populations.

What other costs are involved in process of becoming a Pilates teacher?

Course tuition includes the training manual and the content of the four intensive training weekends. In addition to travel costs (if applicable), you can also expect to pay $90 for required reading texts and $250 for the certification fee (not due until taking final exam). We also encourage trainees to continue to take classes and privates during their apprenticeship. These sessions are not included in the course tuition. WE also extend limited studio privileges to student that attend our training program. This includes use of the studio for personal workouts and observation. There is a nominal rental fee when you begin using the equipment for practice teaching and this cost is generally passed on to your client. If you do not live near Albuquerque, you can inquire at studios in your area regarding the costs of fulfilling your apprenticeship there. Some studios will have an hourly rate, and some will offer a package price for unlimited use. Apprenticeship is a required part of any reputable training program, so most studio owners are accustom to working with trainees to help them fulfill their apprenticeship requirements.

What are the PERKS associated with training at Momentum?

We know that training is a huge commitment of time and money, and we try to give back to our trainees in several ways. First of all, we believe in the mentoring model of training so we provide you with a large support network and professional resources to help you have a successful career. Also, we are dealer a for Balanced Body, the premier manufacturer of Pilates equipment. We offer our trainees discounts on the purchase of new equipment. If you are intending to set up a studio after you training or in the future, you could potentially save thousands of dollars when buying equipment. We do this to help our trainees get established as well as to off-set the cost of the training. We also offer discounts on most of the merchandise in the studio during you training (books, videos, clothing, small equipment, etc…) .

Do you conduct trainings anywhere other than Albuquerque? Will you conduct a training in my area?

Yes, we will conduct off-site trainings. An off-site training requires that you be a studio owner or find a studio willing to host the training in your area. The host studio must have sufficient equipment, and there must be a minimum enrollment of at least 6-8 trainees. If you would like to host a Momentum training, please contact us for terms and more details.

What are the Pilates Method alliance requirements for comprehensive training programs?

* Director must have at least 12 years prior Pilates teaching experience .
* Facilitators must have at least 5 years prior Pilates teaching experience.
* Minimum 400 hours required for completion of program.
* Hours to include: lecture/observation/personal Pilates practice or lessons/workouts/supervised student teaching.
* Program covers reformer/trap table/ped-o-pul/barrels/chair.
* Course participants should have prior Pilates experience or a course entrance requirement.
* Written and practical test with passing scores required for completion.

Does Momentum's training program meet these requirements?

Yes, Momentum Studio was recognized by the PMA as a comprehensive educational center. Our certification courses meet and exceed all industry standards. Momentum is a nationally recognized certifying body.

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