Keeping our Momentum family safe

We have the right products and protocols in place to keep everyone safe

To our Momentum family:

Whenever new clients tour Momentum, they inevitably remark, “Wow everything is so clean”. We grin because indeed it is and we have worked hard over the years to ensure that it is.

From the beginning of the studio, we have worked with the elderly, those with autoimmune disease and other immune-compromised populations. So with my science background and our concern for our clients well-being, we implemented rigorous cleaning & hygiene protocols at the studio. We continue these protocols year round and have done so since the beginning. We’ve even been told we were “over the top”, but our clients safety and peace of mind are paramount to us.

Now with concerns over COVID-19, we are happy that we have the right products and protocols in place to keep everyone safe. Due to the heightened concern for certain populations we are going to implement two new procedures.

#1 - we are asking all clients and staff to wash their hands BEFORE every session, and then again at the end of each session after they have finished cleaning up

#2 - we will change to using disposable sanitizing towelettes for cleaning the equipment. They make it easier to clean the loops and handles and other soft surfaces. PLEASE stick to using the products we supply, rest assured they are hospital grade sanitizer proven to work!! Other products that contain bleach or alcohol will damage and eventually ruin the equipment.

Beyond these two new procedures, we just ask that you keep doing all the things that we’ve been asking all along:

Thoroughly clean every surface you’ve touched after every class
If you have to cough or sneeze, use your shoulder and not your hands. If you do happened to cough into your hands or blow your nose with a tissue, we ask that you wash your hands before returning to class
If you are sick please stay home

Thank you for cooperation and the care that all of you show toward your classmates and friends at Momentum.

Also to our delight, whenever a new client tours the studio for the first time, the #1 most common comment is about how peaceful it is. This too was intentional on our part —being that we are a “Mind/Body studio”. In addition to a clean/safe environment, we truly wanted a peaceful environment for people to enter into when they come to the studio. Now more than ever, this is truly a value we hold dear.

If you have any questions or concerns (or if you just need someone to talk to during this time), please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are doing everything possible to ensure you can still enjoy your sessions at the studio and be safe and responsible while doing so.

Many blessings,
Bryan & Aline

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