Online Scheduling now Available

Make or cancel class reservations quickly from your smartphone using Mindbody App

Very exciting news! We are activating the online scheduling module for Mindbody at Momentum Studio. This means you can book classes, cancel classes, see your full schedule as well as how many classes left in your current package from your smartphone - using the super fast and easy to use Mindbody App. You will also be able to log on with any computer using a web browser.

If you download the Mindbody app, you will be able to see your schedule and even sync it with your calendar. The app can also sync with Facebook and with your FitBit data if desired.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE USING THE APP AND CANNOT FIND MOMENTUM STUDIO, CHANGE THE DEFAULT DISTANCE OF YOUR SEARCH... Mindbody defaults to 1.0mi so if you are farther away, you will not find us.

How to get started:

For smartphone users (android or apple), go to your app store and download (free) the Mindbody app (not Mindbody Express). or click here:. or click here: http://mndbdy.ly

For computer users wanting to use a web browser, go to:

In both instances, click sign up, and you will be prompted create a log in. For existing clients: YOU MUST USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT I HAVE ON FILE -(as well as first/last name). If you are unsure, email me and I will let you know which one is on our computer. Once your account is created, you will be sent a verification email. Once you click the link in the verification email, you app will be synced with your Momentum account. Be sure Momentum Studio is listed in the verification. If not, then it will give you a chance to search for us and add us at that point.

In the App: If you have classes booked with us, then Momentum Studio should automatically appear in your favorites. If not, you need to click the search icon in the upper right corner and type in Momentum Studio. BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR SEARCH RADIUS TO GREATER THAN 1 MILE TO FIND US.... Then click the heart icon to add us to your favorites.... Once we are listed in favorites, then you can bypass the home screen and access the studio by going straight to favorites or schedule. If you know you are on the schedule but do not see your classes listed in the app, then it is likely that I have a different email address on file than the one you used to sign up. I can easily update the email address on our side and your schedule should instantly sync up.

Once your account is created and synced with our site, you will be able to book classes and cancel classes. Private clients can view their schedules and cancel appointments however private sessions cannot be booked online.


Will you continue to take reservations via email?

YES! I will continue to book standing schedules (auto-booking) and month by month bookings. The app will just make it quicker and easier for you to make small changes to your existing schedule and/or book week by week.

I've signed up but don't see my schedule. ??
Perhaps, you used a different email than the one I have on file OR you have not opened the verification email and confirmed your email. If you can't see your schedule, email me and let me know what email you used to create the account and I will make sure they match. Once they match, everything else should sync up. There is also a button to re-request the verification email.

When I try to make a reservation online, it asks me to pay but I already have a package ??
If booking a class thru the website, click "register as unpaid" instead of "make a single reservation". This will allow you to use your existing package (or pay when you get here). This is only an issue when using the website, and does not occur with the app.

How do I sync classes with my calendar?
In the Mindbody Connect app, go to gear icon for options. Click on Calendar Settings and toggle Calendar Syncing to on. All your bookings will now appear in your Calendar app.

Can I book Private Sessions using the app?
No, not at this time. However, you can see a listing of your appointment times as well as make cancellations from the app.

What is the booking window?
You may book up to 45days out. The online booking window closes 30minutes prior to the start time.

How can I make sure a cancelation was completed?
You will receive a confirmation email for every class registration or cancelation you make online or with the app.

I tried to book a class and it told me that I did not meet the prerequisite in order to register. ??

As you know, we require introductory private sessions prior to enrolling in an equipment class. Once you've completed that, you SHOULD be authorized for enrolling into equipment classes. If for some reason you are unable, please email me and I will make sure your account has the proper authorization.

Can I make a reoccurring reservation using the app (like every Monday & Wednesday for a month)?

Not with the smartphone app, but you can if you use the website log in with a browser. With the desktop version, anytime you click "sign up for class", you will be given the option to book a one time reservation or a reoccurring reservation... If you are booking more classes than you currently have purchased, be sure to click "register as unpaid". OR of course, you can email me and I will happily book your reoccurring reservation.

Can I turn off the "how was your class?" notifications?
Yes, we would love for your to rate our classes (5 stars of course). However, I understand not wanting the pop-ups after every class. Simply go to More>My Settings and turn off "ask for my opinion". You can still rate your classes by going to Schedule>History then click on any class to rate it.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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