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GYROTONIC® is an ideal system for all athletes of all levels. GYROTONIC®'s circular movements and water like resistance mechanisms inform the body in a way that makes maximum physical performance easy and almost automatic.

"GYROTONIC® facilitates timing, strength, flexibility, rhythm, and coordination.
GYROTONIC® is in a league of its own.
"- Matt Aversa, professional pitching coach and manager of GYROTONIC® headquarters.

About golfers: "Why practice bench pressing 300 pounds when what you really want to do is loosen up and hit the ball 300 yards? " -Matt Aversa on why bigger muscles actually can impede performance, in Forbes Magazine,3/35/01

Senior Citizens
GYROTONIC® provides an ideal, gentle, low resistance workout that is relaxing and effective for many common symptoms of aging. It is especially successful at alleviating neck pain and stiffness, back pain, arthritis, joint stiffness and lack of energy. Most clients report a feeling of lightness and ability to move throughout their life with greater ease and joy.

The GYROTONIC® system provides relief from many symptoms associated with pregnancy, like lower back pain and swollen joints. You will also build inner strength for the birthing process and benefit your baby by increasing blood circulation to the womb.

Rehabilitation / Therapeutic applications
Thanks to an increasing attention by the international medical and scientific community, GYROTONIC® methodology asserts itself all around the world as one of the best techniques of physical rehabilitation directed towards the functional recovery of professional athletes, dancers and the general public as a means for re-establishing structural and functional well-being.

GYROTONIC®'s low resistance, non-weight bearing movements are ideal for injury rehabilitation, used alone or along side traditional physical therapy, particularly when the rest period is over and it is time for you to move the injured area again. The movements are tailored to the specific injury to be pain-free with just the right amount of resistance to stimulate the injured area. Because of the circular three dimensional quality of GYROTONIC® movements, circulation and energy flow is increased with out causing unnecessary pain or jarring. This makes the recovery process faster and more comfortable.

GYROTONIC ® , GYROTONIC ® EXPANSION SYSTEM, GYROKINESIS ® and GYROTONER ® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


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GYROTONICŪ principles embrace key elements also found in yoga, dance, swimming and martial arts. Specialized equipment supports flowing movements that lengthen muscles, stimulate circulation, increase spine and joint mobility, and build core strength in a relaxing, rejuvenating workout.


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